Hedge Cutting Services

Look no further for all your hedge cutting services including; seasonal hedge trimming, hedge reductions, hedge removals and hedge planting.

Hedge Removal

Removing a hedge can be for numerous reasons and outcomes, whether your hedge has perished or become too much to maintain we can remove your hedge with zero mess to clear and with additional stump removal you can either plant a new hedge, shrubs or replace it with fencing

We offer a wide range of planting options and schemes if you choose to replant, or maybe fencing may be the best way to go. We also offer an extensive range of fencing supplied and fitted by our trusted local fencing contractor.

Hedge Cutting & Trimming

We provide full and extensive hedge cutting and trimming services to all shapes and sized of hedges, the most popular being conifers (leylandii) which make brilliant hedges if kept under control, and generally they require at least trimming once a year or maybe twice to keep them looking neat and tidy.

  • Conifers (leylandii) – Evergreen, fast growing, tolerate poor soil conditions, solid screen and reduce noise. Require cutting and trimming at least once a year.
  • Privet – Evergreen, fast growing, great for wildlife and small nesting birds. Require trimming multiple times a year.
  • Laurel – Evergreen & fast growing, classed as a large shrub they can quickly take over if not shaped. Require cutting more than once a year.
  • Beech – Slower growing and looses its leaves each year but doesn’t always drop them keeping a partial screen during winter. Requires trimming once a year but not always.
  • Hawthorn – Quick growing but can take a while to establish. Great habitat for birds and full of thorns which is great for security. Trimming once in a year or at most two to keep them tidy, their species are trees so if left unattended they will try and become one.

Hedge Reductions

Hedge reductions contribute to the majority of all hedge work we carry out, we can take of a few inches through to a few metres depending on what is required. We take extra time and care in making sure they are as flat and level as possible, whether the hedge is 1m long or 100m.

  • Round 2 Hedge Maintenance, Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, NG16
  • Hedge Reduction & Trimming With a Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Large Hedge Reduction using a MEWP. Nottingham
  • Yew Tree After Trimming in Gedling, Nottinghamshire
  • Before Large Leylandii Hedge Reduction in Watnall, Nottingham
  • After Large Leylandii Hedge Reduction in Watnall, Nottingham


We also reshape and trim various species of trees that are also suitable for hedges.

Hedge Planting

OrchardTreeCare offer a wide and comprehensive range of planting services to give you what is required. We can plant an infant hedgerow by using hedging whips, which are the smallest size of plants and can fill an expanse quickly and cheaply but will take years to establish, or we can supply and plant larger specimens to give an instant hedgerow taking care to use the best blends of compost and fertiliser to give you a healthy lush hedge.

Take a look through our gallery for some of examples of hedge cutting in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derbyshire and surrounding areas.

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Yew Tree After Trimming in Gedling, Nottinghamshire
This Yew hadn't had a haircut for a fair few years, although Yew's are traditionally used for hedge planting or

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