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Look no further for your comprehensive guide to tree removal.

Full or part tree removal of any size, shape or location.

Are you looking for a professional, fully qualified & insured contractor to remove your tree? Look no further, you’ve found a local tree surgeon in Nottingham that can do just that. We are highly skilled and competent, fully insured and hold all relevant qualifications for tree removals and dismantling, with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of arboricultural services.

Finding the right tree company to undertake any tree services can be really tricky especially removing a tree, they can be anything from a straight forward small tree with little to no obstructions all the way up to a full scale tree dismantle using complex lowering techniques or even a crane!

Take a look below at some of our previous tree removals in and around Nottingham & Derbyshire.

Leaning tree which needed to be removed
This tree in Long Eaton, Nottingham needed to be removed down to the extreme lean due its own root plate failing, the lean was so severe that it had actually got itself stuck in the adjacent tree. Its towering size and location next to a primary school entrance we had no other options than the completely remove the tree to the ground. Each of these Leylandii were over 60ft tall, twin stemmed and wedged within a small garden. We removed each tree in situe by firstly removing the canopy of each tree, then bringing the large log sections down. These works took a little under 3 days to complete from start to finish.
Diseases Ash tree removal
This large Ash needed removing due to the progressive disease, Ash Die Back (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus). This wasn’t the only factor that decided its fate, it was also bifurcated at the base meaning it had multiple competing stems, if only one were to fail it would have caused unthinkable damage to the neighbouring property. Due to its complexity this removal took nearly 5 days which included the processing and removal of all the branches, all of which were turned into woodchip.
Tree removal in Derbyshire
Now over to Matlock, Derbyshire overlooking the face of High Tor near the Heights of Abraham. The property was over shadowed by a large Sycamore and Elm which had grown higher up the bank than the house. They had grown over the roof and were posing a real danger of flattening the property if they failed. These took some real thinking about to get down safely but we did it without breaking a sweat, years of training and expertise got them removed safely in just two days.

Most frequently asked questions about removing a tree.

Lots of people who call us have more than a few questions for us about tree removal, the methods we employ to remove a tree and the length of time it may take for the removal of a tree. Below we’ve tried to answer a few of the most often asked questions.

Tree Removal Questions

This topic is subjective to a few factors, firstly you need to apply for planning to remove a tree with a tree preservation order subjected to it. Secondly does the tree warrant removal in the first place? We can fully advise in this matter by under taking all the necessary steps by surveying the tree and liaising with your local authority. You can find out more by visiting out tree preservation order page for further information.

Some people are under the common misconception that certain species of trees are automatically protected and cannot EVER be removed. This is incorrect only specific trees are protected by the local council either under a Tree Preservation Order or if it is within a conservation area.

Removing a tree can take as little as a few hours for small trees and over 3 days for large complicated trees to remove.

One of the most asked questions is what do I do if I want to remove my tree and their are nesting birds?

There are numerous factors which can affect the decision to remove a tree and when it can be done, weather is one but the main factor is nesting birds and wildlife. Under the ‘Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981‘ all nesting birds between two set dates of the year are protected and cannot be disturbed.

If you disturb nesting birds by knowingly destroying their habitat, removing of disturbing their nest or nesting site or stopping them from nesting you will be liable to prosecution.

To avoid any form of doubt we do not remove trees which contravene the Wildlife and Countryside Act, we can provide onsite ecologist to monitor wildlife and deem it OK to proceed, we also do daily checks onsite ourselves when we are undertaking any work during nesting season.

So YES, long story short there are ways and means in which we can remove trees during nesting season.

This is a tricky one to answer in full. The average cost of removing a tree can vary. It all comes down to the tree’s size and location. A small tree in the middle of the garden will be a much lower cost than a large towering Beech tree over the roof of a house. Our main aim is to provide a competitive and affordable price to all our customers new and existing.

Truth is yes and no.

Yes depending on you local authority some small trees under a certain diameter aren’t automatically covered under the conservation law so they can be removed.

No you can’t, you’ll need planning permission, similar to having a tree preservation order to be able to remove a tree without prosecution.

Visit our dedicated section for Conservation Area Trees to find out more.

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote via email, the office phone, via Whatsapp or through out Contact Us page.

DIY Tree removal and tree work can be very dangerous!

Removing a tree by yourself can be potentially very dangerous, if you don’t have the right tree cutting equipment for removing a branch or the whole tree things can go wrong very quickly! Being untrained, unqualified and uninsured to undertake any form for tree work will only lead to one outcome, and that is serious injury, death or damage to property.

Tree work is dangerous. Tree surgery in any form is high risk and a liability.

If you choose anyone who is uninsured or unqualified to undertake tree removal or any arboricultural services you could be left in a very vulnerable position, that’s why we can put your mind at ease; because we are:

  • Fully insured with £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.
  • Fully qualified with full NPTC accreditation for ground and aerial tree works.
  • Highly skilled with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of tree work and tree removals.
  • We undertake comprehensive risk assessments to reduce any risk to ourselves and members of the public.

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