TPO / Conservation Area Planning

Tree Preservation Orders

Many local councils have trees which are individually protected with “Tree Preservation Orders”, these can protect individual trees or a blanket covering order which protects trees within a certain grouping or an area. A grouping Tree Preservation Order protects the specimen trees which are listed by their species and their quantity, an area Tree Preservation Order covers all of the trees marked within a given boundary no matter how small or big the tree.

If your tree is protected we offer a full survey and appraisal service to evaluate what the best course of action we can advise. We can identify if the tree is diseased or a risk, in which case we still need to apply to the local council for permission but could get it removed, normally we advise that a replacement tree is planted because every little helps.

We fully understand that trees can big and can impose greatly on properties and living space so we aim to identify whats best for you and for the tree so we don’t waste any time sending planning applications off which may get refused, with time and experience we have built working relationships with the local council tree officers and liaise with them every step of the way.

Conservation Areas

Local authorities also have vast conservation areas which cover historically important areas of cities and the countryside and just like the buildings trees offer a great amount to these conservation areas too. The difference being is that every tree is automatically covered under conservation law when its trunk girth exceeds 150mm across. The same action is required as with TPO’s, we would assess the health and structure of the given trees and make our recommendations to whether the tree need removing or other works to improve its appearance and longevity are required.

Planning Applications

We here at Orchard offer a full planning application service, where we meet with our clients to discuss what will be best for ‘you’ and the tree. Once we have outlined our recommendations we will apply on your behalf to your local authority for the permission to carry out the relevant works to the trees.


Further information can be found on the arboricultural association’s website and government planning guidance website.


All works to protected trees may incur clauses set out by the local authority  which should be taken into consideration, such as :

  • Removed trees must be replaced with a suitable specimen of substantial size which must be professionally planted.
  • Certain species of trees can only be pruned during specific periods of the year.
  • Works must be carried out within 2 years of the granted permission and completed in full.

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