Fallen Poplar Tree Clearance

Our client once had a fairly mature Lombardi poplar tree in the rear of their garden which has stood the test of time for nearly 50 years, the unfortunate current storm Ciara had other ideas, the nearly 70+ mph winds which came in from the West, which is an unfamiliar direction for the UK, normally experiencing Southerly or Northern winds. This coupled with its advanced age and what we discovered during the clean up of the aftermath, a quite serious Ganoderma infection. Ganoderm is a genus of polypore type fungi which is a white-rot type fungi with enzymes that decay the lignin and cellulose within the plant structure, which make the wood both strong and flexible. In our case the strength of the oncoming wind overcame the residual strength left within the structure of the tree, therefore it failed by fracturing at the basal area and effectively uprooted itself.

Storm Ciara path map: Satellite imagery of Storm Ciara passing over Britain (Image: ZOOM EARTH)
Storm Ciara path map: Satellite imagery of Storm Ciara passing over Britain (Image: ZOOM EARTH)

As this was an unforeseen accident which the homeowner couldn’t of stopped they decided to claim through their home insurance to cover the costs of the clearing up. We have become well versed in liaising with insurance companies over the years and in this case we provided our client with a detailed quote covering all the works which were to be carried out and our findings of what had occurred and possible reasoning why the tree had fallen, and to show there had been no foul play.

In total we had four gardens to clear, including the making good of the neighbouring trees including the what was left of the stump to allow a new boundary fence to be erected.

All in all a very successful job.

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And for more information about Ganoderma you can visit the Wikipedia page.

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